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Credit Repair Funding

Credit repairs

Whether you have your own expertise or would like to use ours we have a credit repair product to suit you.

Our team can take away the hassle of credit repairs by making all the investigations on the case and once satisfied liability rests with the other party they will authorise the repairs. Once repairs are complete the repairing bodyshop will be paid in 24 hours and our recoveries team will pursue the at fault insurers for the repair invoice.

Insurer Authorised Repair Funding

Have you been authorised to repair a vehicle? Don’t want to wait to get paid for your repair work? We have a simple solution for you.

Simply send in your repair invoice, repair authorisation and satisfaction note and our team will validate the repairs and you will receive cash in your bank the following working day.

Our service allows you to just fix the vehicle and move on to your next job whilst we chase up the repair invoice for payment.

Pay as you go service which means :-

  • Use us on a Wednesday and not Friday
  • Use us for red cars and not blue ones
  • Or give us everything
  • Choice is yours!!

There is no recourse on invoices, no debenture on your business and no hidden costs.

Insurer Authorised Repair Funding
Partner funding

Partner funding

We are proud to be different and innovative which is why we created a flexible, revolving cashflow solution which enables you to draw down cash against your invoices for :-

  • Hire invoices
  • Repair invoices
  • Storage/recovery
  • Total loss claims
  • Physio
  • Any other industry related invoices

Pay as you go service

  • Fixed fees no hidden costs
  • No debenture
  • User portal
    • Bespoke MI
  • You’re in control
    • Use us on odd invoices and not even ones
    • Use us on a tuesday and not a wednesday
    • Or send us everything