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Credit Repair Funding

Credit repairs

We have a variety of credit repair products and can tailor a solution around your needs and expertise.

To authorise a repair, you can elect to use our proven underwriting skills or your own. Once the repair is complete, we fund the bodyshop within 24hrs and then recover monies from the at fault insurer, leaving your resources free to focus on other activities.

Insurer Authorised Repair Funding

Have you been authorised to repair a vehicle but don’t want to wait to get paid for doing the job? We have a simple solution for you...

Simply send us your repair invoice, repair authorisation and satisfaction note and our team will validate the repairs and pay you within 24hrs - no more chasing and no more waiting for payments again, ever!

Would you like to draw down up to 40% of the agreed estimate value before you start the repair? Ask us now about our NEW 40% Advanced Payment option

There is no recourse on invoices, no debenture on your business, no hidden costs and no minimum volume.

Our service allows you to just fix the vehicle and move on to your next job whilst we chase up the repair invoice for payment.

Pay as you go service which means :-

  • Use us on a Wednesday and not Friday
  • Use us for red cars and not blue ones
  • Or give us everything
  • Choice is yours!!
Insurer Authorised Repair Funding
Partner funding

Partner funding

We are proud to be different and innovative which is why we created a flexible, revolving cashflow solution which enables you to draw down cash against:

  • Hire invoices
  • Repair invoices
  • Storage/recovery
  • Total loss claims
  • Physio
  • Any other industry related invoices

Simple to use service

  • Fixed fees, no hidden costs
  • User portal to upload cases and deliver bespoke MI
  • Keeping you in control
  • You decide which cases you want us to fund, no hidden costs